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To  „Bücherlust“

Antiquarian Bookfair

It is taking place at Karlshorst Racecourse, Berlin  September  Sat. 9th and Sun. 10th 2023.
In memory of Nevine Marchiset and Detlef Thursch

We offer two free joint stands to four international (i.e. not German) exhibitors at Karlhorst Berlin BookLust. That means two tables and one display cases per joint stand. Application and booking required. If the number of applicants exceeds four, there will be a lottery by the end of Aug 2023.

The legal process is excluded.

Anyone can nominate anyone who loves the books. Senior experienced traders can suggest and support Junior ones. The younger ones can take the older ones with them. Different national origins and association affiliations are irrelevant. Anyone who lives from the old and rare book can nominate themselves. Invite a friend from abroad whom you haven't seen for a long time.
Experiencing all change, innovation and the time laps caused by a pandemic and other calamities going on, one is questioning oneself about how one fits into all of this, how one got there at all, and where one started in the trade and being affiliated to books and their past, present and future.
It's about the special people who paved the way for us and stood by us in the most difficult moments. Unfortunately, they cannot accompany us forever. But we can keep their memory in our actions.
Nevine Marchiset was that person to me. she saved me. She literally freed me from prison. Without any hesitation and without regard to personal consequences. On my way to the International Antiquarian Book Fair in London, I was arrested by French Customs in Calais and taken to a prison cell in an inland customs post. On board my van were 5 booths for the Ilab show in London the next day! Nevine immediately telephoned her husband Alain in Paris to make every effort to ensure that I could go freely to London. Without her courageous intervention and her husband's efforts, I might have been forgotten in the prison cell. Arrived in London, she took excellent care of me. She was also there for all the other Ilab-exhibitors and friends with humor and empathy. I was devastated in the middle of the European Union in the 21st century. But Nevine made me visit London again next year as an exhibitor. Without her, I probably would never have taken any further steps in the antiquarian book trade. Her dedication to the antiquarian community, her concern has kept me going. I would therefore like to dedicate the first free joint stand at our new trade fair to her memory.
Detlef Thursch was just such a special person for me. For almost two decades I have attended every event he could think of as an exhibitor and friend. Our later differing views did not strain our friendship. Without Detlef I would not have experienced the world of antiquarian books. His fairs showed me the books and the antiquarian community. The second free joint stand is due to his work and example and is dedicated to him. I thank him very much.
I hope that all friends and colleagues will agree to the setting up of the free joint stands in memory of Nevine Marchiset and Detlef Thursch and enjoy it as much as I do.

Let’s have a Go!

All the best wishes from Berlin
Yours Christoph

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