Amor librorum nos unit

Bücherlust wishes all exhibitors every success in the new trade fair year

Dear friends,
Dear Colleagues,
Everything is running again. Events have come back to life. Something new has grown. Leipzig is once again the fairground for the old book in Germany. In Italy and Spain, book lovers and connoisseurs meet again in great places to celebrate the beautiful printed book and the unique manuscript. Good luck in Milan and Barcelona. Good sales and movement in New York and Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart. Great encounters in Paris and London. Amsterdam and Brussels. Vienna and Zurich are developing new concepts.
The "Bücherlust" promises wonderful experiences and shops in Berlin. Everyone come and join in. We can practice our profession in real life again. We have created the most convenient and simple conditions for this in Berlin. Also this year we want to celebrate a big book festival on September 9th and 10th in Berlin. There is our free international Joint Stand Program open for everyone. We have saved the easy conditions of participation and are now awaiting your registrations. Everything can be viewed online at www.bü and is ready for registration.
Diversity and colorfulness of the exhibitors and the subject areas are in the foreground:
Graphics and Art, Old Prints and Photography, Design and Handwriting. Music and Film. First Editions and Dedications. Bindings and Objects. Oddities and Wonders of the craft. Differences in printing and writing materials. Real objects from all times and cultures.
All this is presented with pleasure by the most exclusive and smallest dealer community in the world.
Good luck to all exhibitors all over the world and have a good time. We look forward to seeing you again in Berlin for the book lust in September
Let’s go
Yours Christoph Neumann



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