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To  „Bücherlust“

International Fair for Antiquarian Books and Graphics

Dear Friends and Colleagues
it is a pleasure to invite You to participate in the second edition of the Berlin based „Bücherlust“ antiquarian Bookfair and Graphics Fair, taking place at the Karlshorst Racecourse in, Berlin  Saturday September 9th and Sunday 10th 2023.
The location is inside the old Grandstand- Hall of the Karlshorst Racecourse, Berlin.
Antiquarian Bookfair
Tribünen-Halle Trabrennbahn Berlin Karlshorst
Treskowallee 159 in 10318 Berlin
200m from S-Bhf.-Berlin
Karlshorst (S3) Tram-Station
Setting up hours
Friday 8th of September (16–21 h
Saturday 9th of September (7-10:00 h)
Opening hours:

Saturday 9th of September 2023 (10-17 h)
Sunday 10th of September 2023 (10-17 h)

The standart exhibitor’s outfit to participate in the fair, beside Your stand number and Companies Name,  is a uniform plated table (160 by 80 cm) with a chair and a wastebin. You get a bag of seals and wrapping papers together with some information matrial and paperbags for your customers. There is free parking at the location included. You can enlarge your stand by multiplying the basic units at Buecherlust. One of our principles is: Bring your own book shelves and display facilities for 'flat stuff'. This basic stand is 200 EUR plus 19% taxes.
You can additionally enlarge Your space with showcases. We charge the common prices for fair equipement to rent. Showcases: Standvitrine Typ A: ca. H 200 x B 100 x T 50 cm, 3 Compartements plus a big cupboard on the bottom, Lighting above, 300,- EUR plus Taxes
Each meter of extension of a stand is charged a Hundred 100 EUR plus 19% taxes.

Free International Joint Stand Progam
In memory of Nevine Marchiset and Detlef Thursch
We offer two free joint stands to four international (i.e. not German) exhibitors at Karlhorst Berlin BookLust. That means two tables and one display cases per joint stand. Application and booking required. If the number of applicants exceeds four, there will be a lottery by the end of Application on August 10, 2023.
The legal process is excluded.

From military horseriding of Prussia and Junkertum to betting offices and urban developement projects, the Races at Karlshorst show with its timeless charme the history of the rising City of Berlin. The place is connected to the families of Trsekow and Wilamowitz. It mirrors changing times through the ages. There is old buildings next to horses greens. There is marketstands around the Races between the TV- Tower and the new BER Airport.
During those long Years of Covid, told not to move and being restricted, we come up with the idea of an easy going antiquarian bookfair in the City of Berlin to give You the opportunity to meet in person with friends and Colleagues to celebrate the love of books and to present our buisinesses. I want to invite all of You to come together with new customers and visitors from all over the place and have a good time in Karlshorst, Berlin. Into the old Grandstand- Hall oft he racecourse. While we will practice the Joy of books independant from weather outside,  we are embedded in one of the biggest Antique – Markets of Germany. Hundreds of Antique dealers from Germany and Europe build up  their market- stands on the widespread fields around the Races. This outdoor event is run by Regina Pröhm and Michael Schrottmeyer with the company It is a monthly event bringing more than 20000 visitors to Karlshorst. There is parking space for visitors 5 EUR a day. Please invite as many visitors and customers as You like with Your amount of Complementary Tickets. Karlshorst is about half an hour away from the Central trainstation and the Airport. There is a tram station (200 m) next to the entrance oft he Racing course.

Let’s have a Go!

All the best wishes from Berlin
Yours Christoph

Antiquariat Christoph Neumann Berlin
Duisburger Straße 18
10707 Berlin
Telefon: 0049 (0)30 22 19 38 82
Mobil: 0049 (0)178 540 90 18

Amor librorum nos unit